Membership onboarding women and non-binary entrepreneurs, creators and brands to Web3, building life-changing connections.
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So, you want to get into Web3...

...to start or elevate a business, to create and sell art, to advance your career,
or simply out of curiosity.

We know it can be hard. Does this sound familiar?
  • Are you missing role models in Web3 space? You have a great idea, but no team to help turn it to life?

    Your friends & family are lovely, but can they really understand?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information, experts, and events?

    Still, there is no clear answer to how you can apply all that knowledge yourself.
  • Do you doubt you have what it takes? Is it worth the risk of entering Web3, is it the future?

    Do you truly think this space is for experts, or that you need money, connections, and fame to enter?
You don't have to do this alone
Watch Sabina, Metasouls Co-Founder, discuss why Web3 needs more women and how we need to stick together in the space.
How can Metasouls Membership help you?

We build you a personalized plan to conquer Web3.
We Connect
  • Exclusive business matchmaking among Metasouls members;
  • Access to member-only Discord;
  • Never feel lonely again - meet your future co-founder, customer, friend or partner.
We Educate
  • Exclusive monthly masterclasses from Web3 & business experts;
  • Bi-weekly case studies - follow and apply industry trends;
  • Mini-workshops and tutorials;
  • Done-for-you templates.
We Empower
  • Bi-weekly group mastermind calls - set goals and review results;
  • Safe space for both newbies and experts - support others and get supported;
  • Gamified program with learn-to-earn opportunities.
Meet the Team:
We are not here to simply guide you. We collaborate, learn & grow together.
  • Sabina Novruzova
    Business Development
  • Anastasia Petrova
    Marketing & Communications
It's not just a simple membership.
Waiting List Opening
Summer 2022

All waiting list members will get notified about all membership news and updated + get access to limited sales.
Limited Sales
September 2022

We open membership sales to limited amount of applications from the waiting list to run a focus group month at Metasouls.
SheNFT Amsterdam
November 2022

SheNFT - the first women-empowering NFT exhibition in Europe, happening live in Amsterdam.
Public Membership Sales
November 2022

With SheNFT, we kick-off membership sales to the public beyond the waiting list.
Platform V.2
January 2023

Second, upgraded version of our platform with additional profiling system, gamification and learn-to-earn opportunities will be introduced.
Join the waiting list & get priority access to Metasouls membership.
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