I help people and companies to optimise their business processes and boost productivity with
AI and new digital marketing
AI expert for growth and optimisation
Marketing and brand strategist
AI educator
International Speaker
Women In Tech Advocate
Community Builder
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My services
10+ years of expertise in international brand marketing
in Fortune 500 companies, digital transformation
and innovations (Heineken and Adidas)

Hi, my name is Anastasia, and
I am AI-powered marketing expert

Key facts about me
Founder of Metasouls - learning skills of the future platform
Consulting businesses on AI integrations and automation in marketing
500+ happy students
20+ mentoring projects
Regular speaker at tech conferences and events globally (GPTx, NFT.NYC,W3N, Dutch AI Congress etc)

My Services

I help businesses to optimise costs and time, and lower up efficiency with emerging tech

AI & Digital Transformation
Speaking engagements

for businesses

Why integrate AI in business?

According to Boston Consulting Group, people using generative AI complete daily tasks 25% faster and with 40% higher quality, leading to time savings of 1-3 hours weekly. For an organization with 500 employees, this is an annual saving of €1.5 million
less time
less costs
more efficiency

I speak at

NFT.NYC conference
W3N (Estonia)
NFT.London conference
GPTx (Netherlands)
Dutch AI Congress 2024
NFT.NYC conference
W3N (Estonia)
NFT.London conference
GPTx (Netherlands)
Dutch AI Congress 2024

What people say

I loved the event, the people, the creators, artists, speakers! The creativity! It was really nice, thank you ladies Sabina Basariyeva
and Anastasia Petrova!
Jessy The
Frontend & Blockchain developer | Public Speaker & Workshop Host | Technical Content Creator
Thank you again for the best presentation I saw at the event, really learned a lot, thanks :)
Love, Emma
Emma den Hertog
Project Manager
Nice to be in your session during the GPTx event. Great insights! I would love to share some insights from your session.
Jeroen van Beek
Learning & Development Business Partner | Ownership through personal development | AI & VR for training
Thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, would like to stay connected to learn more! Kind regards
Lorain O'Mahoney
Senior adviseur interne
Thank you so much, it was great and everyone afterwards was so enthusiastic about how much they have learned
Lena Widmann
Head of Design Menswear at WE
and Van Gils | Creative Director at Stumpf&Spitz GmbH
it is really the best web3 event I attended
in 2022. thank you
Issam Saed
Demand Generation Manager at Hedera | Climate & Sustainability Activist

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