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Online workshop
visual mastery for marketers and creators
Revolutionise your marketing with AI:
social media, product images, advertising materials.
Simplify sketching and moodboarding.
Unleash your craziest ideas.
Boost you ROI and optimise your team, delegating tasks to AI.
AI tools are the same for everyone.
Results are not.
Why so?

You just need to know efficient prompt structures, and set of working techniques. This beginner-friendly workshop takes you step by step from basics to advanced AI image generation.

No prior experience needed. No coding involved.

By the end of this course, you'll create your own photorealistic images and learn to adjust your prompts to get the results you could not dream of.
You feel like moodboarding, sketching, looking for ideas takes too long?
You heard about Midjourney,
you know it helps boost productivity and create stunnung visuals. But you don't know how it works?
You have already tried Midjourney, but the result disappointed you?
Tired of spending $$$ for expensive services or agencies, while your budget is limited?
You have killer artsy ideas, but it takes too much time and effort to visualise them?
How you feel now:
Generate great ideas and content within minutes
Integrate Midjourney in work, automate routine and earn more
Get latest updates & tricks in simple words and stop feeling FOMO
After just 1.5 hour masterclass you will:
Save <€25k a year for marketing services and content makers
You save at least 3 hours a day for yourself
You need it if you are:
This master class is a game changer for you if you are a designer, marketeer or creator, working for yourself or for the company.
Generate unique, captivating images for your marketing campaigns, storyboards for your commercials, perfect illustrations for your presentations in minutes and without extra costs.
Creator or Designer
With Midjourney you can bring to life your wildest ideas within minutes. Instead of wasting time looking for the reference you can now generate one. Sketching and moodboarding have never been so fast.
After our masterclass, you will learn everything about Midjourney to:
Create high quality images for marketing campaigns and ads.
Advertising materials, product pictures, designs, illustrations of any style - your marketing campaign is never going to be the same.

Saving days, weeks and $$$ you can create, test and sell more.
Bring your wildest
ideas to life within minutes!
Imagine you have a killer design idea, but you know that to visualuse it you will need at least a week with Photoshop?

Spoiler: not any more.
Create social media content ideas.
Create photorealistic images without photographer.

Midjourney is able to generate it at the cost of subscription.
Automate ideation, sketching, moodboarding.
Boost efficiency in your internal processes - ideas brainstorm, sketching and creating a moodboard have never been so easy and fast.

Now you can generate images for your presentations and internal documents, instead of buying it from stock and wasting time looking for the reference!
What to expect?
A week of direct support from our AI pros. It's time to create, captivate, and conquer your market. After the workshop you will get specific tasks and during 7 days our support team will be happy to guide you, answer questions and give feedback
1-Week Support & Feedback
Our practical guide to mastering AI visuals. Get ready for a workshop with step-by-step tutorials, straightforward techniques, and ready-to-use prompts that will make design as easy as click, create, and captivate.
Practical Workshop
After this 1.5 hour workshop your life will change.

You will have everything to know about Midjourney to generate stunning images for your projects, save time and $ creating visuals.
Save the date:
December 1, 2023
Online at 15:00
work smarter, not harder
The program
Presale open:

Get the masterclass
at a special price!
For business
*For companies that want to be future proof
Power up your efficiency - automate routine tasks, enhance team productivity, optimise costs and time, stay competitive in the fast-paced business landscape.
as of EUR 1000
visual mastery
for marketeers
and creators
For individuals
*For marketeers and creators
Transform your marketing campaign with AI-powered visuals. From moodboards to ads, streamline your creative process. Effortlessly visualize and realize your ideas, boosting your creative potential.
EUR 53
EUR 69
visual mastery
for marketeers
and creators
Featured speaker
Anastasia Petrova
Co-Founder of Metasouls
  • 10+ y. international marketing expert;
  • ex. Heineken brand marketeer;
  • Co- founder of Metasouls;
  • Founder of Social Butter - AI-powered digital agency;
  • AI educator and Web3 enthusiast;
  • Women in tech advocate and empowering mentor;
  • Featured as international speaker at NFT London, NFT NYC GPTx conferences (the biggest AI dedicated event in the Netherlands) and many other events.
In Metasouls we onboard women
into the skills of the future
including AI, web3, NFT, metaverse etc.
via online education and offline events.
Collaborated with with Amazon Web Services, Blockchain Netherlands Foundation, GPTx conference, Unstoppable Domains, Heineken Silver, CupolaXS, and many others.
Our courses are designed to challenge your perception of work realities, to onboard into the new digital era, help to enter new markets, save time and money optimising work processes.
Metasouls events design new learning experiences and spark mindful connections among forward-thinking people.
We collaborated with
What people say about us
Frontend & Blockchain developer | Public Speaker & Workshop Host | Technical Content Creator
💯!! I loved the event, the people, the creators, artists, speakers! The creativity! It was really nice, thank you ladies Sabina Basariyeva and Anastasia Petrova!
Jeroen van Beek
Learning & Development Business Partner | Ownership through personal development | AI & VR for training |
Nice to be in your session during the GPTx event. Great insights!
I would love to share some insights from your session.
Emma den Hertog
Project Manager
Thank you again for the best presentation I saw at the event, really learned a lot, thanks :)
Love, Emma

Lorain O'Mahoney
Senior adviseur interne communicatie
Thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, would like to stay connected to learn more!
Kind regards
Demand Generation Manager at Hedera | Climate & Sustainability Activist
it is really the best web3 event I attended in 2022. thank you
Head of Design Menswear at WE and Van Gils | Creative Director at Stumpf&Spitz GmbH
Thank you so much, it was great and everyone afterwards was so enthusiastic about how much they have learned
Alexander Nikolai
writer and speaker
I was blown away by the content of the master class. I knew already a little bit about the possibilities of AI, but the tools shared in the masterclass were really next level. My key take aways are: midjourney and the possibilities for creating visual content, and also the tools around video editing and voice editing. It gave me a lot to think about, and I look forward to taking some time to explore these tools further.
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