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The world is changing at the speed of light, driven by technologies like AI. Don't get left behind! Invest in the skills of the future and unlock limitless opportunities. Studies predict up to 800 million jobs could be automated, with 950 million new jobs requiring these skills

Work faster, smarter, and more efficiently to stay ahead, boost
your career and business

Marketing and brand strategist
Artificial intelligence
Digital Literacy
Green Transition
Emotional intelligence
Personal branding

What are the skills of the future?

These key skills, soft and hard, help you move into the new digital era, enter new markets, save time and money tremendously optimize your work processes
Practical workshops with easy-to-follow content, helping to save time, automate workflows, delegate the routine, work smarter, right away

Metasouls is the learning platform onboarding people to the skills of the future

Artificial intelligence and web3 open up limitless possibilities that people don't even realize
Online education
Engaging offline events with likeminded crowd, mastering the skills of tomorrow together. Practice, connect, collaborate
Offline events
Join the community of like-minded individuals, get the access to the latest updates in the world of AI and emerging tech

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Learn skills of the future

ChatGPT: Revolutionize Your Work & Life
Don’t be among the majority who only use 10% of ChatGPT potential! It is time to advance
your business, automate the routine and become a master of productivity!

This course will help you explore the full potential of ChatGPT, and stay future-proof
in this fast changing world.
Level - onboarding
7 lessons video course + workbooks
Midjourney: Uncover The Creativity
Revolutionise your marketing with AI: social media, product images, advertising materials - all this can be created and tested way faster, cheaper
and easier.

Simplify sketching and moodboarding.
Unleash your craziest ideas! Boost you ROI
and optimise your team, delegating tasks to AI.
Level - onboarding
Practical video workshop + workbooks
Introduction to Web3
Step into the world of Web3 with our comprehensive course on the basics, designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to navigate and thrive in this exciting new decentralized ecosystem.
NFTs: Art, Utility and Beyond
Gain a thorough understanding of what NFTs are, their importance in the digital world, and how to practically apply and utilize them for various purposes.
Cryptocurrency 101
Dive into the cryptocurrency basics with our beginner-friendly course, aimed to provide you with a solid foundation in the basics of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the wider crypto landscape.

Metasouls team

Anastasia Petrova
Sabina Basaryeva
Margarita Kovalchuk
Strategic Advisor
Maria Zelkovskaya
Digital transformation advisor

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What people say

I loved the event, the people, the creators, artists, speakers! The creativity! It was really nice, thank you ladies Sabina Basariyeva
and Anastasia Petrova!
Jessy The
Frontend & Blockchain developer | Public Speaker & Workshop Host | Technical Content Creator
Thank you again for the best presentation I saw at the event, really learned a lot, thanks :)
Love, Emma
Emma den Hertog
Project Manager
Nice to be in your session during the GPTx event. Great insights! I would love to share some insights from your session.
Jeroen van Beek
Learning & Development Business Partner | Ownership through personal development | AI & VR for training
Thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, would like to stay connected to learn more! Kind regards
Lorain O'Mahoney
Senior adviseur interne
Thank you so much, it was great and everyone afterwards was so enthusiastic about how much they have learned
Lena Widmann
Head of Design Menswear at WE
and Van Gils | Creative Director at Stumpf&Spitz GmbH
it is really the best web3 event I attended
in 2022. thank you
Issam Saed
Demand Generation Manager at Hedera | Climate & Sustainability Activist


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